Competition horses who thrived in their new life with a huntsman *H&H Plus*

Can horses that have excelled in one discipline switch to hunting hounds, with all that job entails? Tessa Waugh finds some who have swapped jobs very successfully

Top show horse Finn McCool become a brilliant huntsman’s horse for Guy Landau
Guy Landau on HOYS supreme horse of the year 2008 Finn McCool III.

HUNTSMEN’S horses are the alphas of the hunter world. They tend to be tough and independent and share with their rider an intense love of what they do. While some make their way into the job because they are deemed unrideable elsewhere, others have never done anything else. Perhaps rarer are the ones who enjoyed […]

The childhood dream: how to make the most of your days with ponies *H&H Plus*

Whether you’re new to ponies or are a hotshot budding event rider, a childhood spent mucking out and mucking in with ponies is one to cherish. Tessa Waugh finds out how to make the most of these years

CNKKBW Pony riders crossing the River Ewenny at Ogmore in the Vale of Glamorgan S Wales UK. Image shot 04/2012. Exact date unknown.

WE are all aware of the dream; Cupid-faced children on mischievous fluffballs laughing riotously as they take on the world. A pony-filled childhood ticks so many boxes in our fast and modern world; getting children outside and away from screens, challenging them through ups and downs, teaching them to care for animals and put something […]

Meet Badminton’s administrator: mammoth jobs, having a sense of humour and looking forward to 2022 *H&H Plus*

Pam Twissell on how her job in the event office pans out in a “normal” year

Badminton administrator Pam Twissell

I have worked for Jane Tuckwell, the event director, in the event office for about 22 years and my main responsibility is to send out the passes to all the officials including the doctors, vets, paramedics, and fence judges, together with all the ones for the tradestands and hospitality and so on. I was a […]

Super-safe ‘super-ponies’ — hunting’s gold-dust conveyances *H&H Plus*

If you want your small child to enjoy hunting, a really kind, safe first pony is essential, says Tessa Waugh. But, she warns, they are like gold-dust

Henry Hawkins and Seb Austen

How many times have you heard someone say, “Where are all the wonderful hunting ponies like the ones we had when we were young?” In happy reminiscences, perfect ponies seemed to arrive gift-wrapped, as if by magic at exactly the right time in a child’s riding education. Although, of course there was some clever work […]

Mike Felton: the legendary MFH with a twinkle in his eye *H&H Plus*

One of the country’s most experienced masters, Mike Felton is an integral part of the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale. Tessa Waugh meets him


There are very few MFHs who have been at the helm of the same pack since the 1990s. Plenty of people hunting now were not even born then. Many more will look back on the period pre-ban and feel that times have changed for the worse. Mike Felton, who joined the mastership of the Blackmore […]

All in a day’s work: the bridleless rider, Shuna Mardon *H&H Plus*

Shuna Mardon on the mare that led her to compete without a bridle – and breeding a quarter horse dynasty

My first memory of horses was when I was three, escaping my nanny in the nursery to lead a Clydesdale from his cart to the stables. We also had a gorgeous miniature Shetland and my siblings and I would play all over and around her. Our mother instilled in us our love of horses and […]