‘It’s key to have a presence’: the dos and don’ts of promoting yourself online *H&H Plus*

In the first of a series looking at how to market yourself as a rider, Stephanie Bateman delves into the world of social media and discovers the dos and don’ts of promoting yourself online

Laura Collett riding Mr Bass during the Cross Country phase of the CIC*** 8/9 YO at Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials in the grounds of Blenheim Palace near Oxford in Oxfordshire UK on 11th September 2016

Being a professional rider is no longer just about producing and competing horses, it’s about running a business, and effective social media is key to this. “Social media gives you the opportunity to put yourself in front of the world, including prospective sponsors and owners,” says Ashley Rossiter, managing director of PR and social media […]

In fine feather: the growing popularity of the gypsy cob *H&H Plus*

Practical, adaptable, good-natured and multi-talented – the gypsy cob is worth its weight in gold. Stephanie Bateman investigates their growing popularity

Gypsy cobs

As the name suggests, traditional gypsy cobs were originally bred by Romany gypsies to pull their bow-top caravans all over England and Ireland. They needed to be powerful, hardy, fearless and intelligent to cope with life on the road, yet docile enough to be handled by all the family. “They have since found their way […]

Riding from the ground: the benefits of long-reining and how to do it *H&H Plus*

Long-reining is a hugely valuable tool that can benefit all horses. Stephanie Bateman talks to young horse expert Brendan Gallagher to find out how to long-rein efficiently and what exercises you can do.

After a stint as a jockey, Brendan Gallagher focused on training and backing young horses, managing a large breaking and pre-training yard in Newmarket for 10 years. Now part of HB Equestrian in Warwickshire, he provides a comprehensive service breaking a variety of horses from youngsters for Olympic riders to riding club horses. Brendan works with vets and equine professionals in the rehabilitation of “problem horses”, alongside running clinics and helping people work horses from the ground.

long-reining feature with Brendan Gallagher

“Long-reining has long been an integral part of the breaking-in process in terms of getting a horse used to the rein and voice aids and establishing the steering and brakes,” explains freelance rider and trainer Brendan Gallagher. “It also gives you the opportunity to expose a young horse to scenarios outside the arena, getting them […]