Life lessons: event rider Tina Cook *H&H Plus*

Tina Cook has won 14 Olympic, world and European championship medals, and produced nine championship horses through the levels. She was the first mother to win an individual gold medal in eventing when she became European champion in 2009.

Burghley drawn order: Tina Cook as pathfinder
Star Witness and Tina Cook at Burghley 2016. Picture by Peter Nixon

The former European champion reflects on seeking improvement rather than perfection, being hungry for knowledge and letting horses be horses

Basics, rider position and attention to detail: vital lessons from Pippa Funnell

Windrush Foundation training Pippa Funnell
The Windrush Equestrian Foundation riders training at Pippa Funnell’s yard in January 2020. Mounted (left to right): Yasmin Ingham, Max Warburton and India Wishart. Dismounted (left to right): Alicia Hawker, Pippa, Connie Copestake and Will Furlong.

Find out what six riders learnt by spending five days with last year’s Burghley winner Pippa Funnell — there’s bound to be a tip or to for you, too