The ultimate guide to horsebox insurance

Deciding what horsebox insurance you need might fill you with dread, but here’s everything you need to know to get you up to speed before you sign on the dotted line

A digital passport for horses has been put forward as a solution to help smooth cross-border travel continue for competition, race and breeding horses from 2021
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Finding the best insurance for your horsebox need not be stressful if you follow our simple guidelines. Insurance for a horsebox is a legal requirement and there are a number of policy options depending on the type of vehicle and the use you will put it to. It’s important to pick the right one, as […]

Charlotte Dujardin introduces new superstars at Wellington Riding Premier League *H&H Plus*

With a massive grand prix class and fierce competition for para Olympic spots, Wellington Riding showcased British dressage at its finest

Charlotte Dujardin riding Florentina
Charlotte Dujardin riding Florentina into second place behind Gio in the grand prix.

Wellington Riding Premier League was without doubt Charlotte Dujardin’s show. She achieved seven wins and no scores under 74%. In the grand prix, Gio (Pumpkin), the horse she owns with Renee Hart, delivered a creditable 79.47% to win. The 10-year-old Apache gelding appears so confident in the ring, it’s hard to believe this was only […]

How to win the British Riding Clubs quadrille from a woman who knows… *H&H Plus*

Clare Chapman from Cornwall Trec Group explains how she masterminded a daring reveal for last year’s quadrille champions’ costumes, and why she needs a patient equine mannequin…

British Riding Clubs quadrille winners

Cornwall Trec Group (CTG) have entered the British Riding Clubs quadrille championships every year since 2012 and have qualified for the finals seven times out of eight. Each year we raise funds for the quadrille at our gala night to pay for the costs of transporting four horses and riders to Bedfordshire for the weekend. […]