How the horse-human relationship affects our most important decisions *H&H Plus*

Two connected studies looked into the unique relationship between horses and humans, and how this affects decisions from purchase through to euthanasia. H&H speaks to the researchers to find out more

2A1ENRF A woman’s hand gently stroking the muzzle of a Bay horse, dressed in a bridle and lit by warm sunlight.

THE unique nature of the horse-human relationship, from financial purchase to family member to euthanasia, has been explored in research that it is hoped will help all parties in future. A qualitative study on the influence of the horse-human bond on key events in equine lifetimes, and the follow-up cross-sectional research on buying and euthanasia […]

Desperate Scottish riding schools speak out over lack of support *H&H Plus*

Scottish riding schools are facing all the same challenge as those in England and Wales during this third lockdown, but there are different challenges when it comes to funding. H&H finds out more

FFMBPH Oxnam, Jedburgh, Scottish Borders, UK. 12th February 2016. A horse and pony in New Zealand winter rugs enjoy grazing in a frost

DESPERATE Scottish riding schools have spoken out over the lack of financial support as they face their third lockdown in 12 months. The Scottish government has a range of support options for businesses, but as riding schools do not have to close under current restrictions, they are not eligible. You might also be interested in…