Genetics advancement means winged horses ‘not impossible’, experts agree

Technological advancements in gene-sequencing technology and semen collection could mean winged horses are not beyond the realms of possibility, experts agree. Scientists have isolated the “winged” gene and its position on avian chromosomes, and determined that it is only slightly different to that of four-legged mammals. Owing to a similarity between equine and avian DNA, […]

FEI Tribunal suspends rider in ‘landmark’ horsemanship decision *H&H Plus*

Campaign group Clean Endurance said the ruling ‘sets a landmark precedent for endurance’, while the rider denied his riding was abusive to his horse…

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A rider who repeatedly jabbed his horse in the mouth with a harsh bit and “no regard for the horse’s mouth or welfare” has been suspended from competition and advised to pass exams in horsemanship. The FEI Tribunal found UAE endurance rider Rashed Hamoud Humaid Al Junaibi’s actions in a ride in Abu Dhabi last […]

Coronavirus: can my farrier still come to my horse? 

Farriers can continue to provide “essential services” under current movement restrictions, industry bodies have confirmed, although practitioners should consider which visits come into this category. Following the tougher stance announced by prime minster Boris Johnson on Monday (23 March), the Farriers Registration Council (FRC) sought agreement from the government that farriers could continue to work. […]