Carl Hester: ‘Young riders must dig deep and learn’ *H&H Plus*

Carl Hester explains why his thoughts on riders shouldn’t expect to be handed a career on a plate and how times have changed since he started out, but that hard work is still a necessity, as is poo-picking, no matter how many medals you might have to your name

Carl Hester riding En Vogue at Carl Hester yard at Oakelbrook Mill near Malswick in Gloucestershire in the UK on the 3rd September 2020

The National Grand Prix Championship later this month is taking shape very nicely. It’s great to learn that although it will be behind closed doors, the public will be able to watch a livestream for free. Indeed, one upside of this year is how people have embraced technology. I heard the digital British Dressage (BD) […]

Carl Hester: ‘Postponing the Olympics was the best option’ *H&H Plus*

In his exclusive H&H column, top British dressage rider and trainer Carl Hester discusses the prospect of Tokyo 2021 and why it’s ‘our duty’ to stay at home…

British team on the London 2012 podium receiving their medals. L to R Carl Hester, Laura Bechtolsheimer, Charlotte Dujardin.

The news we had all been waiting for came in as I sat down to write this; the 2020 Olympic Games have been postponed until 2021. Many people, myself included, felt this decision could have been made a lot earlier; good on Canada and Australia for withdrawing first and setting the precedent. You may also […]