Carl Hester: an emotional send off to Tokyo

Carl Hester MBE, Olympic gold medallist and multi-medallist at European and World Championships, talks about waving off Olympic horses and Ireland’s missed opportunity

Carl Hester with En Vogue

ROYAL WINDSOR offered a great opportunity for a training showcase in front of a 1,000-strong audience the day before the show opened. It finally brought some real atmosphere to a show, and my Olympic ride En Vogue felt wonderful. Six event riders went first, followed by our group of five dressage riders (without Netherlands-based Lottie […]

Carl Hester: ‘Olympic medals are not set in stone’ *H&H Plus*

Carl Hester discusses the ups and downs of the road to the Tokyo Games…

Carl Hester with En Vogue

THE approaching Olympic Games are certainly throwing up some strange situations. Over the past week or so, a number of competitors from a variety of nations have decided that it’s better for them not to go to Tokyo, and have withdrawn from selection or opted not to compete as individuals. Who can blame them, with […]

Carl Hester: ‘Will Tokyo still feel like an Olympics?’ *H&H Plus*

Carl Hester on Wellington CDI3*, team selection and a problem for owners

Carl Hester with En Vogue

HUGE congratulations to David Sheerin and the whole team at Wellington Riding for putting on a superb international show on home soil. Having ridden at the Wellington Premier League a couple of years ago, I was amazed to return and see how the venue has grown. There was great catering, wonderful viewing, a friendly atmosphere […]

Carl Hester: ‘A man who did so much for horse sport’ *H&H Plus*

Carl Hester on the Duke of Edinburgh, and preparing for the Olympics


BEFORE the glory of the 2009 European Championships and the floodlit evening performances we’ve since enjoyed in the amazing atmosphere of the Royal Windsor Horse Show, the dressage world was delighted to be invited to take part, on grass, at national level, back in the 1990s. It was a rather splendid affair sponsored by Hermès, […]

Carl Hester: ‘It is not only galling and hurtful, but plain wrong’ *H&H Plus*

Carl Hester questions a rule change and pays tribute to a great character

Carl Hester and En Vogue at the LeMieux Nationa; Grand Prix Championships.

Under the current lockdown, thinking about shows seems unworldly to say the least, but this year’s FEI World Cup Dressage Final, scheduled for early April in Gothenburg, risks becoming less of a world and more of a European cup, based on the FEI’s late changes to the rules. The FEI dressage committee chair Frank Kemperman […]

Carl Hester: ‘Young riders must dig deep and learn’ *H&H Plus*

Carl Hester explains why his thoughts on riders shouldn’t expect to be handed a career on a plate and how times have changed since he started out, but that hard work is still a necessity, as is poo-picking, no matter how many medals you might have to your name

Carl Hester riding En Vogue at Carl Hester yard at Oakelbrook Mill near Malswick in Gloucestershire in the UK on the 3rd September 2020

The National Grand Prix Championship later this month is taking shape very nicely. It’s great to learn that although it will be behind closed doors, the public will be able to watch a livestream for free. Indeed, one upside of this year is how people have embraced technology. I heard the digital British Dressage (BD) […]