Calls for theft of an animal to be made a specific offence *H&H Plus*

Currently an animal being stolen is treated the same in law as the theft of inanimate object, such as a bicycle, but campaigners hope this can be changed to make sentences more closely reflect the emotional impact of such a crime. H&H finds out more…

T9BNDG Eye of the horse close up
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The law does not sufficiently consider the “devastating impact” the theft of an animal has on owners, campaigners believe, as fresh calls are made for tougher legislation. The House of Commons’ petitions committee has written to secretary of state for justice Robert Buckland urging the government to amend the Theft Act or the Animal Welfare […]

Education will help us hear what our horses are trying to say *H&H Plus*

A study looking into the behaviours of a group of 60 ridden horses, considered sound by their owners, identified that 73% had low-grade lameness in one or more legs, using Dr Sue Dyson’s ridden horse pain ethogram. H&H finds out more about the research and its implications for the future…

Dr Sue Dyson with horse at Animal Health Trust
Dr Sue Dyson is a veterinary orthopaedic specialist.

More education is needed to better understand how horse behaviour can reflect underlying pain, a study indicates. In the research, led by veterinary orthopaedic specialist Sue Dyson, 60 sports and riding school horses, considered sound by their owners, were assessed using a ridden horse pain ethogram (RHpE). The RHpE comprises 24 behaviours more likely to […]