Anna Ross: ‘The world won’t wait for us’ *H&H Plus*

Anna Ross on business plans and why passports shouldn’t dictate progress

Anna Ross riding Newton Domino at Keysoe.

The third Covid lockdown, combined with Brexit, is an interesting time with the best-laid business plans and competition goals going awry. Those who have solid contingency plans will survive. We need to push out of our comfort zones and embrace new concepts – the rest of the world won’t wait for us to get organised. […]

Anna Ross: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade – or better still, gin and tonic *H&H Plus*

Anna Ross reflects on an entertaining festive show and looks ahead to 2021

Oliva, Spain - 2016 April 24: during Doma competition at CDI3 Oliva Nova at Oliva Nova Equestrian Center. (photo: Marko)

It’s nearly the end of the world’s weirdest year. Who could have guessed that air kissing – something that the dressage community have been practising for decades – would become a requirement? The breaking news at the recent High Profile show at Keysoe was that Simon Bates, who has developed the centre from a livery […]

Anna Ross: the challenges talented young professionals face in the industry today *H&H Plus*

In her latest exclusive column, Anna Ross explores the challenge of “making it” in the horse world and speaks to talented young professionals about the pitfalls they’ve experienced as they’ve attempted the big step from young riders to establishing a successful “real life” career in the industry…

Anna Ross explores the challenge of “making it” in the horse world and the difficult leap from young riders to seniors that many competitors attempt and the pitfalls that come with it