Pearson eyes up Tokyo: ‘He is one of the most talented horses I’ve had’ *H&H Plus*

Para riders excel at the winter championships at Myerscough College Para Winter Championships in Lancashire

Lee Pearson claims victory in the grade II individual with his Paralympic prospect, the “sensitive” Bacardi son, Breezer III

“HE’S going great guns,” said Lee Pearson of his Tokyo Paralympic prospect Breezer III, who headed the grade II individual with 75.39%. “I asked for more power and cadence than I usually dare to, and he responded well and was marked accordingly.” Lee’s aim with the low-mileage and “sensitive” 10-year-old is plenty of exposure to […]

Summer colic casebook: the dangers during warmer months *H&H Plus*

Colic can occur at any time, but what are the dangers during warmer months? Andrea Oakes investigates

PR772D Camptown, Jedburgh, Scottish Borders, UK. 21st September 2018. A young racehorse relaxes in a sand pit after a home workout.

WE’RE familiar with the risk of impaction colic in winter, when the move to an indoor lifestyle –together with a drier diet, possibly less exercise and often less inclination to drink – can combine to bring a horse’s intestinal movement to a grinding halt. But colics still occur in summer, when lush grass and sudden […]

Buying horses unseen: when it works (and when it doesn’t) *H&H Plus*

Whether due to lockdown, location or time, some riders make the daunting decision to buy a horse without first seeing it in the flesh. Andrea Oakes talks to those who have first-hand experience

Horse and Hound- Breeder surprise v3

“WE call him the gazelephant,” laughs Ellis Simister, whose pandemic purchase Cornetto turned out to be rather larger than expected. “We thought we were buying a 16hh working hunter stamp, nothing too flamboyant, who might event at low level. What turned up was a just-under 17hh beast who is built like an elephant but leaps […]

At the cutting edge: equine eyelid surgery *H&H Plus*

A clever surgical technique can restore full function to the eyelid after growth removal, as Andrea Oakes discovers

SKIN masses, such as melanomas, sarcoids and squamous cell carcinomas, can be particularly troublesome when they appear in close proximity to the eye. Left untreated, a mass may grow and interfere with eyelid function or vision. Yet treatment can result in damage to the thin skin of the eyelid, inhibiting its ability to protect the […]

Ye olde tackroom: horsey items to take you on a trip down memory lane *H&H Plus*

Thatching, jute, kaolin and boiled linseed have almost gone out of our vocabulary, says Andrea Oakes, evoking memories of AGAs festooned in string girths with a cauldron bubbling for the horse’s dinner

Hay wisp IT looked so easy in the Pony Club Manual of Horsemanship – simply make a long, tightly woven rope from hay, before fashioning it into two loops and twisting the loose end through these. If the resulting tangle looked anything like a hay wisp, you were ready to use it with vigorous strokes […]

Charlotte Dujardin leads impressive British performance at Hagen CDI4* *H&H Plus*

Charlotte Dujardin triumphs over Germany’s best at Hagen CDI4*, while Lottie Fry debuts her latest superstar stallion

HAGEN CDI4* 2021: Charlotte Dujardin riding Mount St John Freestyle in the Grand Prix qualifier for Grand Prix Special.
Charlotte Dujardin riding Mount St John Freestyle at Hagen CDI4*.

“SMALL but mighty” was how Charlotte Dujardin described Gio, her diminutive international star in the making, winner of the grand prix freestyle. The same could be said of the British contingent at Hagen. The foursome – Charlotte, Carl Hester, Lottie Fry and Sonnar Murray-Brown – made a big impression, kicking off their Tokyo Olympic campaign […]

The effects of fire on horses: what are the implications and can they return to health? *H&H Plus*

We hope it never happens, but if your horse was caught in a fire, what would be the implications and how would we restore them to health? Andrea Oakes investigates

2CAAXEB Blazing fire barn

ONE of the most heartbreaking aspects of a yard fire is that a horse lucky enough to be freed from a burning stable will often refuse to leave it, or will try to run back to it, in the mistaken belief that his stable is a place of safety. The chaos and confusion as the […]

Fuel your performance: rider nutrition tips to help optimise your results *H&H Plus*

Riders are often guilty of overlooking their own nutrition in favour of their horses’, but both are vital for peak performance. Andrea Oakes investigates

food, healthy, health, breakfast, nutrition

While their horse’s diets may be planned with precision, how many riders could say the same about their own? Skipping breakfast and reaching for sugary snacks when energy levels drop might get you through the day, but neglecting your nutritional needs can negatively affect your performance and outlook in the longer term. According to British […]

Fit and raring to go: how you and your horse can hit the ground running in tip top shape *H&H Plus*

If fitness levels for you and your horse have been on the back burner, hit the ground running with these exercise plans, advises Andrea Oakes

Tina riding Paddy's Poem on the gallops at her brother Nick Gifford's racing yard

After a year of stop-start activity on the competition front, we’re again getting the green light to go. But to what extent has a triple whammy of lockdown, bad weather and Brexit border chaos derailed preparation? When the starting bell sounds, will we be ready? Without the certainty of a show schedule, dressage riders have […]

Calling the vet out of hours: what you need to know *H&H Plus*

Andrea Oakes discovers what happens when illness or injury occurs “out of hours”

Accidents tend to happen at the most inopportune moments as horses owners are only too aware, and sickness rarely saves itself for a convenient time. Thankfully, if disaster strikes at night or over the weekend, veterinary help is usually just a phone call away. But who answers these out-of-hours emergency requests and drives to the […]